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Custom design

Custom Design

The benefits of C.A.D (Computer Aided Design) enable us to produce high quality digital images for our clients before building even begins.
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Fibreglass products can be an excellent choice when producing parts which need to be strong enough to stand the test of time.
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Other products

Other products

Click here to see a sample of our diverse range of products - fibreglass pet cages, children's canoes, shower trays and more.
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We are composite material specialists who have the capability to design, manufacture and finish a diverse range of fibreglass products to any specification and produce large numbers of industrial parts cost effectively and on a tight schedule.

From water and research tanks to industrial parts and fibreglass repairs, we are the trusted name in fibreglass throughout New Zealand.

Our qualified team operates from a purpose built, environmentally controlled factory where we produce a wide range of quality moulded fibreglass products, industrial fibreglass parts and make repairs to all fibreglass components including vehicle parts and accessories.

Fibreglass is chosen over other materials for it’s high strength to weight ratio, long term durability and it’s ability to withstand industrial use and the elements.

Fibreglass products can be made with unique properties including, water resistance, U.V resistance, fire resistance, pressure resistance, chemical resistance, contour and advanced finishes, is electrically non-conductive, has design flexibility and a high strength to weight ratio and can be reinforced using aluminium, carbon fibre or kevlar. 


 For all your industrial, design and repair fibreglassing solutions

contact the professionals at Richmond Fibreglass.

We ship and perform work for clients throughout New Zealand.

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