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Gelcoat is used to provide a high-quality, durable finish on many surfaces and is suitable across many industries including transport, marine and construction.

Gel coat can be selected for many different performance characteristics including surface quality, water resistance, weatherablity and resistance to chemicals, water, UV and fire.

Gel coat finishes can also include glitter, chip and classic finishes.

Richmond fibreglass is experienced in using gel coat for resurfacing pools, fibreglass boats and industrial parts exposed to high wear.

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Terraflex is a fibreglass reinforced waterproofing deck membrane. It is

liquid applied in-situ to adapt to the design and shape of the area being

waterproofed. It is based on a high quality, durable acrylic resin.



Aquaguard 101 Basecoat

Single component body coat

Durable acrylic system

Colour choice

Water resistant



Proven adhesion to a variety of substrates in difficult environments

Easy to use and apply

Long life, UV stable, Light Foot traffic suitable.

Light colours only recommended

Long life


RECOMMENDED USES: Decks, patio’s, suspended decks, roofs


For use over concrete and well fixed plywood


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