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Products and Moulds

We make a large range of quality products including showers, motor home accessories, storage tanks, aquaculture tanks and vehicle parts.


GAS and Power Lockers for Motor Homes

Completed product includes enclosure, lid, lock and keys. Option of hinged left or right.

We have 3 standards sizes – 

240 V Locker       

530mm w x 315mm  h x 220mm d   over all

410mm w x 195mm  h x 190mm  d   inside 

420mm w x 205mm h x 200mm d   cutout


6kg LPG Locker

460mm w x 540mm h x 350mm d   over all

325mm w x 405mm h x 320mm d   inside                                               

340mm w x 425mm h x 325mm d   cutout


9kg LPG Locker 

485mm w x 670mm h x 350mm d   over all

350mm w x 540mm h x 315mm d   inside                                       

360mm w x 550mm h x 320mm d   cutout

These lockers are generally used for campers but can be purchased to house almost anything and can be produced in most colours.

Childrens Canoe

Children’s Canoes

Awesome childrens or smaller sized canoe.
Very sturdy, fine for adults.

2.5m long x 700mm wide. Fibreglass seat
Sitting area is 1.16m long x 490mm wide

Pictured here in red and white can be made in your colour choice
Comes with manufacturers 7 year gaurantee. Paddle not included.

Shower Tray

Wheelchair Accessible Shower Trays

These shower trays consist of 4 tough layers of fibreglassing materials covered with a durable, easy to clean gelcoat surface.

  • Renovating? Why not plan for future requirements!
  • Want to give a loved one some independence?
  • Cheaper, warmer and safer than tiles
  • More scratch resistant than vinyl to maintain cleanliness
  • Easy clean waste
  • Choose a colour to suit your decor!
  • Installation available

Trailer Cladding

Fibreglass Flat Panel at competitive rates

Flat panel can be used for permanent signage and camper or trailer cladding as shown here.
From 1mm – 6mm thick cut to size.

This smart looking car trailer was cladded in fibreglass flat panel by the skillful team at Richmond Fibreglass.

We also have fibreglass building and repair materials,  a huge range of fibreglass storages boxes and tanks, motorhome and camper accessories, bus shower and shower tray moulds, and many boating and vehicles part moulds

Richmond Fibreglass MOULD LIST

Build and Repair 

Flat panel – can be made to order in a variety of thicknesses

Gutter channel

Temps builder switchboard box

Power line cable joiners


Boxes (water/storage)

Tank 3,000 ltr

Tank 10,000 ltr

80 ltr Conical Tank

Medium box with door  400d x 390l x 300w

Boot box

Motor home  power box  with door – standard

6kg  LPG locker  box- standard

9kg LPG  locker box – standard

Small power box  with door 200d x 410l x 200w


550W X 485L X 650D

819W X 594L X 744D

744W X 594L X 895D

1344W X 594L X 644D

1500W x 900H x 770D

1160W X 800L X 650D

685W x 900H x 800D

1340W x 490L x 650D

875W X 485L X 650D

1344W X 1194L X 644D

980W X 900L X 770D

800W X 1000L X 1200D

1000W  X 1800L X 1200D


Motor Homes and Campers

Civilian bus cubical

Motor home sink and bench

Motor home water tank 450d x 1200l x 500 wide

Motor home water tank 840l x 590 x 350

Motor home small basins

Boot box

Motor home  power pox  with door – standard

6kg  LPG locker  box- standard

9kg LPG  locker box – standard

Small power box with door 200d x 410l x 200w



900 x 1200 shower tray

Wheel chair shower tray 1200 x 1200

Shower trays various shapes and sizes

900 x 900  45deg shower tray

Shower seat

Bathroom floor – camping grounds

Shub shower

Civilian bus cubical


Marine and Leisure


Boat seat pedestal

Surf ski

Seat moulds various

Mini boat hull and deck

Mini boat seat & engine hood

Kayak seat


Model yachts



Outdoor furniture

Kidney shaped table top

Swimming pool steps


Vehicle Accessories and parts

Hi Top – Toyota

Stock car body

Stockcar bonnet

Ford falcon trims – WAA40A101  P32R3   RR  65190

Seat moulds various

RX 7 car guards

Multi dig excavator

Motor home power box  with door – standard

6kg  LPG locker  box- standard

9kg LPG  locker box – standard

Small power box  with door 200d x 410l x 200w

Motor home power box with door – standard

Tractor cab

Motor home Boot box

Horse Float roof

Fertiliser hoppers

Top dressing plane mudguards

Hues 500 helicopter panels