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Fibreglass Tanks

Our experienced team manufacture high quality water tanks, septic tanks and tanks for the research, agriculture and aquaculture industries.  We are able to build one off moulds and full production moulds designed to handle large scale production. We are committed to assisting our clients with design and production solutions. 

Our composite tanks can be used for many applications including water storage, septic waste and chemicals. They are light weight, have structural integrity and offer increased resistance to rusting, corrosion, and impact

Tanks built using composite materials are very favorable compared to other materials because they can be easily formed using molding processes and can be produced with many properties including strength, U.V and chemical resistance.

  • We will manufacture your tanks to suit your specific storage requirements and fittings
  • We offer multiple options for cost effective prototypes and large production parts
  • Tanks can be produced in specific colours to suit your design and branding  
  • Manufacturing process can be specifically chosen to be compatible with the storage of salts, oils, pesticides, fertilizers or acids
  • Our tanks show proven durability and versatility in the marine environment
  • Our smooth non-porous gelcoat tank surface allows fish farm operators to clean tanks easily
  • Chemical storage tanks can possess corrosion, chemical and heat resistant properties

Existing tank moulds: 

Tank Name

internal dimensions external overall floor type Volume
Retangular Tanks        
Small 170 550W X 485L X 650D 610W X 540LX 650D flat 170lt
small 360 594W X819L X  744D  650W X 875L X744D flat 360lt
small 390  594WX 744L X895D  600W X 800L X 895D flat 390lt
medium 600  800W X 1160L X650D  900W X 1260L X 650D flat 600lt
medium 270  485W X 875L X 650D 540W X 930L X  650D flat 270lt
medium 500 695wx 900L x 800d 825W 1020L X 800D flat 500lt
large 1025  1194W X1344L X 644D 1444W X 1294L X 644D flat 1025lt
Large 670 980W X 900L X 770D 1040W X 960L X 770D flat 670lt
Large 950 800W X 1000L X 1200D 900W X 1100L X 1200D flat 950lt
Large 2000 1000w x 1800L X 1200D 1100L X 1900L X 1200D flat 2000lt
Cone and Conical Tanks        
60 LT  cylinder/cone base 380 Diam Legs optional cone 60lt
  800mm total height 300mm cone length    
    420mm o/all diam    
900lt cylinder/cone base 1300mm Diam   cone 900lt
400lt cylinder /cone base 800 diam Legs optional cone 400lt
  1200mm total height 400mm cone length    
    880mm o/all diam    
500Lt Conical Tanks     cone 500lt
Round Tanks        
1.60  diam round tank 1600mm diam 1700mm sloped  
  1450mm height      
2.30 diam  round tank 2300 mmdiam 2400mm sloped 5000lt
  1200mm  height      
2.60diam  round tank 2600mm diam 2700mm sloped 8000lt
  1750mm  height      
3.50 diam  round tank split 3500mm diam 3600mm  sloped 10000lt
  1150mm height