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Cage Solutions

Assisting clients with cages that suit their requirements now and into the future is our passion.

Our cages help maintain disease control and increase workplace efficiencies. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of Veterinary practices, SPCAs, animal rescue centres and catteries and kennels.

Purchase our cages in pre-assembled cage units/banks that arrive on site ready to use or individually for you to install as required.

All pre-assembled cage units are easy clean, portable, functional space savers that stand the test of time. 

We have 100s of cages installed throughout New Zealand with many repeat clients.

Please click the link below for a downloadable copy of the cage units/banks of cages we produce including measurements.

For a current price list please contact us directly by phone on 03 544 4434 or email

Our Cage Solutions team offers you;

  • a free consultation service and quotes by experienced staff
  • a large range of cages suitable for many different types of animals
  • cages purchased as individuals or groups of cages which are fully enclosed on lockable castor wheels or feet, fitted together as “units” that arrive ready to use 
  • all cages come with doors, locks and hinges already fitted
  • The exterior of cage units are finished in a moulded fibreglass panel box with no joins for easy cleaning
  • All of our products are NZ made and Quality Guaranteed

Fibreglass cages are more scratch resistant than painted cages, have a hard wearing, long lasting impervious surface and are warmer and quieter than many other cage materials. No regular maintenance is required. 

Industrial Dog Spa 1500W X 1700 H X 760D Bathing area 350mm deep, includes non slip steps, non slip surface on base of the bath, waste (located on the left of the bath), 2 x dog lead attachments, storage area underneath with 2 door access. Dog Spa does not include hoses, taps, shower head or other accessories pictured in photo.