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Dog Cages

We produce a large range of dog cages suitable for use in veterinary practices, kennels and animal rescue centers. Our team are passionate about producing quality dog cages that are strong, long lasting and functional.

Many of our cages meet and exceed Best Practice Accreditation requirements.  

All dog cages are fitted with heavy duty 304 stainless steel bar doors. Our dog cage doors have good ventilation and allow for IV lines, electric cords etc. All locking systems are easy to use and are difficult for the animal to access from inside the cage. 

Dog cages can be purchased as individuals or in blocks fitted together as “units” that arrive on site and ready to use saving on time and building costs. Whether purchased as individuals or in units all cages come with doors, locks and hinges already fitted. 

All our cages are made in New Zealand. Shipping internationally to Australia is easily arranged by us.  

Cage banks/units: Cages built into units arrive ready to use and are mounted on lockable castor wheels or feet. The exterior of cage units are finished in a moulded fibreglass panel box with no joins for ease of cleaning.  

Fibreglass cage boxes are warmer than stainless steel cages staying around room temperate and are coated in a “gelcoat’ surface which withstands nonabrasive cleaning chemicals well. 

Our locking and hinging systems are simple and are easy to operate and clean to maintain staff and animal safety. 

Extras available:

  • Easy to use openings fitted into center cage dividers
  • Drip rail to help prevent fluids running into bottom cages
  • Acrylic oxygen screens